What are the conditions for a good children's book?

When you're selecting a decent children's book you should search for various things. Is the story connecting with to the kid? Does it use a great deal of sight words and reiteration?
Are the pictures accommodating to the kid to understand the words? Is it age suitable for the kid? Is it showing them great values?
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We should take a gander at every one of the qualities and see why they are imperative. 
Is the story connecting with to the kid? 
With youthful children you have to catch their consideration and keep it. Parents realize that youthful children will for the most part bounce starting with one thing then onto the next following 5 to 10 minutes. On the off chance that they have something that really grabs their consideration they will stick with it longer. So if the story in the book you've selected captures their consideration they will sit with you through the entire story and in many cases need you to peruse it over and over. 
Does the children's book use a ton of sight words? 
Sight words are the simple words that make up 50 to 70 percent of any broad content. You may have also known about them as Doulch words. A large number of these words you can't sound out and should be learned by sight. Words such as are, and, an, at, the, that, did, green, just, must, make and if are all sight words. There are around 220 of them alongside around 95 nouns. On the off chance that the children's book has a considerable lot of these words and uses them in redundancy it will enable your tyke to remember them faster and read better. 

Pictures in a decent children's book enable the tyke to understand the words. 

On the off chance that the character is discussing red strawberries there should be red strawberries imagined. It's showing them about a sight word "red" and it's showing them the shading and what a strawberry is. By associating the word to the photo they take in the word so whenever they see the word they see the photo in their psyche. 

Is the children's book age proper? 

Parents know their children. Some are further developed than others with regards to perusing so selecting age suitable books can sometimes be precarious. On the off chance that you have a 3 year old kid that is now grabbing words from stories you should need to consider purchasing books that are a little above them say in the 4 to 5 year old range. What's imperative is you need to keep them interested. On the off chance that it's too difficult for them to understand they won't have any desire to peruse the story. At the same time you need to move them. 

A decent children's book will show values and social interactions. 

You need to show them about things like saying please and thank you or that it is so essential to help your friends and individuals around them. Search for children's books that have messages like that in them. 

Setting aside the opportunity to locate a decent children's book can be extremely advantageous for your tyke. Showing them words and social graces at a youthful age when their minds are soaking up everything that is placed before them can help them immensely in later years. Enable them to create skills early that they'll need and use for the rest of their life.