Top 5 Spots to Discover Free Fantasy Books On the web

Mythical serpents, cells, saints, enchantment, universes outside our ability to grasp - that is fantasy. Fantasy stories are high-stakes stories that divert us into the obscure even as they touch our hearts in more natural ways. 
One of the present most well known sorts, fantasy has discovered open arms on the Web where creators can recount their stories. Free fantasy books online can be found in numerous spots, alongside their science fiction and other theoretical fiction cousins. 

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1. Scribd 

Scribd is an extraordinary place to discover free written work of assorted types, including free fantasy books on the web. Creators and little distributers post their work here, and you can discover numerous open area functions also. The website has an awesome interface and will enable perusers to download a few books. Scribd has been known as the YouTube of archives. 

2. BookRix 

BookRix is a writer's play area, a site where writers can post their work for others and get criticism. It's another extraordinary place to discover free fantasy books on the web, as fantasy is a hot class and numerous youthful essayists are getting into it. The interface at BookRix is clunkier than at Scribd or Authonomy, however for a quick association it's sufficiently simple to utilize. 

3. Authonomy 

Authonomy is another writer driven site, however it's extraordinary for perusers also! It is authoritatively associated with HarperCollins UK- - original copies that get the most peruser consideration might be perused by HarperCollins editors. It's an awesome wellspring of free fantasy books on the web, alongside books in numerous different kinds. Authonomy is anything but difficult to-utilize and brags some extremely excellent work. 

4. Smashwords 

Smashwords is a digital book distributing stage for free writers and little distributers. Perusers can download books in most digital book writes, including.epub Smashwords has distributed a great many ebooks (some free, some not), and have put countless fantasy books on the web. 

5. Venture Gutenberg 

Venture Gutenberg, situated at, is the greatest and best open space library on the web. Volunteers compose in a huge number of writings, making them accessible in various organizations (counting sound!). You won't discover a ton of free fantasy books online here, however you will discover the absolute most fascinating and verifiable: search for the entire fantasy works of granddads of the class, similar to George MacDonald and H. Rider Run down, and tall tale accumulations including crafted by the Siblings Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson and the Pixie Book accumulations. Begin: Read Phantastes by George MacDonald, a book C.S. Lewis credited as having gigantic effect on his life, composing, and confidence.